With products such as GoldieBlocks, LEGO Mindstorms and Arduino making waves in the toy industry and media, it’s easy to forget some of the more simple products that provide the basic foundation for making things…such as construction sets.

Aiming to fill this overlooked niche is Ingocraft, a new 3D printing-focused company that offers both a 3D modeling app for customizing blocks as well as pre-existing designs for the blocks themselves.

The Ingocraft App simulates 3D modeling in 2 modes of play designed to gamify the 3D modeling experience. Using a unique level-up gameplay experience, users are encouraged to learn how to orient 3D space while completing 3D design challenges. Once a user is comfortable navigating 3D space, the ‘free play’ option allows the user to build with an unlimited supply of Ingo blocks in a free-form 3D modeling environment.


Finally, once a user has finished a model via the app there is the option to send the model over to a 3D printer where it is reverse engineered into printable Ingo blocks to be built physically.

As access to 3D modeling and digital fabrication tools start moving into more households, it will be interesting to see what the future of holiday shopping shopping looks like…starting with foundation kits like this.

A single Ingocraft kit starts at $35 (including the iOS app) with the option to expand into other kits with annual subscriptions.


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