“Ahh! That’s remarkable!” he says. “Ahh, but did you see what happens when you pop it up like… this!” “Ahh! that is a wonderful popping thing.” And *pop* it went. “Ahh! It did it once again with the pop!!” “What happens when you slap it?” “Ahh, I don’t know.” *SLAP* *pop* “Ahh!!”

Laurie Greasley – Great light and tight lines in scene and character illustration from Laurie Greasley.

Honda Type R – There’s the Honda Civic and there’s the Honda Civic Type R. Use the ‘R’ key to switch between the two.

No Content But Rich – A load of floating, transforming gradient panels done completely with CSS.

All about that base – Parody of the Meghan Trainor song with Team Unicorn giving it some nerd style and a Star Wars twist.

Story Fragments – Some are very talented at cutting individual pages of a book to create a illustrative sculpture. Tomoko Takeda is one.

Crazy Electronic Ballet Slippers – Ballet gets a little more interesting with a lillypad arduino to record the pressure and movement of the dancer.

Mecabricks – Exactly what you’re not thinking it is. A online 3D LEGO model builder that’s awesomely awesome and works like you think it would.

Always Gonna Be – Grab a seat by the fire. Donoro has the banjo, bongos and guitar to take you boppin’ into the weekend in the kick off to their upcoming album.


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