Well, right after slapping SolidWorks on the wrist for an inaccurate case study about car design, we’ll move on to a car that just might be completely created with SolidWorks. You can at least get SolidWorks models eDrawing Model Files for it… earth-friendly eDrawing model files models.

Hybrid Cars are all the craze with the imminent melting, cooling, melting of the earth, but waiting for the car manufacturers to reap the toils of current mpg and emission standards is expensive and annoying.

However, you can now order the complete plans to build your very own XR-3. A three-wheel, plug-in, diesel-electric amalgamation of a car for years of fuel-efficient romping about.

At just 1300 pounds, this high-performance design combines lightening-fast acceleration, a maximum speed of 85 mph, and fuel economy of 125- to over 200-mpg.

Its clam-shell canopy and three-wheel platform boldly differentiates the XR-3 from conventional passenger cars. The vehicle’s hybrid power system, diesel engine, and low curb weight are the main ingredients of its super-high fuel economy and excellent performance. Acceleration equal to that of a conventional car and a maximum speed of 85 mph make the XR-3 Hybrid equally at home on freeways and surface streets.

For those who are willing and able, this provides an opportunity to start with something already designed, then make modifications and improvements on the original. Open-source cars, if you will… but not exactly as LK points out below in the comments.

Just send in $200 and the plans and SolidWorks models are all yours for the pickin’. More XR-3 Pics and Plans.

Thanks to Ben for the story via Jalopnik.


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