In what was surely one of the most challenging caption contests ever, Onshape and SolidSmack teamed up to offer one lucky winner a one year subscription to Onshape Professional if they could impress us with their use of the words “Onshape”, “cephalopod” and “mayonnaise” in a single sentence.

It’s times like these when one must reach deep past the gullet of imagination to deliver a mix of wit, wisdom and knowledge of marine life. We wish we could give everybody who entered with a caption a one year subscription to the new browser-based parametric CAD program. Sadly, we can only pick one.

Overall the challenge was met and exceeded, with some going all out to provide imagery. There was a strong use of metaphor of course and an interesting lack of expletives. We provide our analysis and the winner below, but first, here’s a roundup of all the entries:

“While Cephalopods use mayonnaise for chapstick, they use Onshape to collaborate with other molluscans.”
Carlsbad CAD

“Just made a Cephalopod and Mayonnaise sandwich. ready to create a new Onshape model.”
Kevin Troop

“Makes me want to dance naked with a cephalopod covered in mayonnaise while riding a rocket to Ceres to find those bright spots.”
Jeff Jasper

“OnShape – Slicker than wrestling a Cephalopod in Mayonnaise ;)”
Paul Munford

“Well smother me in mayonnaise and smack me with a Cephalopod – OnShape is here!”
Paul Munford

“Onshape. So astonishing I nearly dropped my mayonnaise ~ Cedric the Cephalopod”
Paul Munford

“My Cephlapod just installed Onshape despite mayonnaise in its eye.”
Mark Burhop

“I missed the Onshape beta test; t’was full. They did, however, offer a recipe for zesty cephalopod in a herb mayonnaise. Strange.”
Chris Chemidlin

“If the cloud is an ocean of mayonnaise, Onshape is the cephalopod of CAD. Except for the ink squirting cuz that would be creepy.”
John Chawner

“Mayonnaise I PLEASE use Onshape to create a Cephalopod? Mai oui!”
Elise Moss

“To Onshape a Cephalopod or to not Onshape Mayonnaise, that is the question.”
Duncan Gillis

“Holy Cephalopod’s Batman, I just sprayed mayonnaise all over my monitor, Onshape is free i tell you.. FREE!!!”
Duncan Gillis

“Slap that Mayonnaise all over my browser, it’s a Cephalopod designing in Onshape.”
Michael Lord

“Pass the Mayonnaise! I need it to get this Cephalopod Onshape!”
Omar Zuberi

“Trying to design a new cephalopod inspired mayonnaise jar? Give Onshape a a try!”
Rosemary Astheimer

“Onshape is so easy to use even a cephalopod could use it while making mayonnaise from scratch!”
Rosemary Astheimer

“Onshape allows me to 3D print a cephalopod in mayonnaise! WTG!”
Rafael Gustavo Pinto

“Tried modeling a cephalopod with Onshape, came out looking like this. Going to eat a jar of mayonnaise and cry myself to sleep.”
Thomas Rambach

“Onshape in a cloud is like a cephalopod with mayonnaise.”
Byounghyun Yoo


I think Thomas really nailed it with his “eat a jar of mayonnaise and cry myself to sleep” line. There’s a natural flow to the thought pattern, a sense of intellectual honesty, and a certain je ne sais quoi that poignantly captures the feeling of a late night modeling session gone wrong. Well played, Thomas.


As somebody who finds mayonnaise absolutely revolting (blame it on too many bologna and mayo sandwiches on white bread as a child), Chris Chemidlin’s notification that Onshape “offered a recipe for zesty cephalopod in a herb mayonnaise” gave me hope that perhaps with a little bit of fresh dill and thyme, I may one day be able to eat mayonnaise again.


There’s one here that stands out as the most philosophical, if not the most pragmatically relevant. “If the cloud is an ocean of mayonnaise, Onshape is the cephalopod of CAD.” This phrase will be pondered, dissected, shaved, studied and poked for decades to come. One day, when we’re wrinkled and covered in liver spots, we’ll think back on that phrase aaaaaand, probably not even remember it, but we will remember how invigorating it can be to jump into a tub of cold mayonnaise.

Selection Process

Josh’s son Sebastian picked the winner. His sister Isa said “ewwww.”

WINNER: John Chawner
“If the cloud is an ocean of mayonnaise, Onshape is the cephalopod of CAD. Except for the ink squirting cuz that would be creepy.”

Thanks to everybody who entered – you helped make our week. Remember, OnShape is still free for up to five files and 5GB so everybody can still join in on the fun.