A little troll in green pajamas, ate a raisin biscuit. Atop a box in too big socks and sitting on mouse, he dreamed of jars, of capturing stars and mixing them with these links.

Nicolas Bouvier – Could share every bit of his work in this one post. So much awesome with an incredibly diverse style and approach to his concepts.

Blade Runner: Final Cut – The BFI Release trailer of Blade Runner: Final Cut. Perfectly executed. Only showing in the UK, sadly. In cinemas starting April 3rd.

25 Maps – That explain the English language. Just about any type of data on the English language you could want, including, but not limited to, the Great Vowel Shift and the vocabulary of Shakespeare vs. rappers.

DIY Spoon Lamp – If you’re bored, need a pendant light, have excess plastic spoons and a hot glue gun, this is the perfect project for your weekend.

Road trip – Gas up the Chevy. Randy Olson shows you how to really drive across America, hitting all the good spots. List of 50 included.

This War of Mine – Well done. Play as civilians trying to survive a war torn city. Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

OSBCS – Old S#!, but cool S#!. Photography from the past, mostly B&W.

Shake it Little Tina – Totally inappropriate dancing by Instagram dance king @adamscarpenters.

Unconstructed – 25 buildings from famous architects that were never, ever built. Just think, the ‘Pyramid of Death’, to house 5 million corpses in London, could have been seen from miles around.

Skeewiff vs Shawn Lee vs Nancy Sinatra – Let’s mix it up this week.


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