Day one at SolidWorks World 2012. If there was such a thing as a firehose of flaming CAD vodka, this would be it. Attendees have been drenched with inspiration in the keynote, getting their geek on in the tech sessions and livin’ it up at the evening parties. One product, 5,300+ people, insanity. We caught the highlight for you right here.

SolidWorks World Day One Video Blast

Once again, thanks to SolidBox, who has made this fine mash-up possible. More about getting the workstation of your dreams at

YouTube video

SolidWorks World Day One Keynote

5650 people at SolidWorks World 2012, from 33 countries.

The General Sessions are kicking off this year with a rendering and animation created using the Nao Robot (developed in SolidWorks, covered here in 2008).

Bertrand Sicot, CEO, rockin' the blue up on stage. SolidWorks World 2012.
Bertrand: "we are connected by design."
Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel) talking' about crazy jobs people do... Skull rendering? Yes.
Mike Rowe thought invite to speak at #SWW12 was to a "Solid Waste" convetion. Was excited.
Bertrand talking SolidWorks 2012 features... Large Design Review, Cost Analysis, Equation editor
Stability increase in SolidWorks over the years... Do you agree??
Over 50,000 certified SolidWorks professionals. Thousands of job postings for SolidWorks
Innovative designs made in SolidWorks adorn the covers of Time and Popular Science
Bertrand looking quite epic with the sunny road graphic at his back
Bernard Charlés, prez and CEO of Dassault, on stage at #SWW12
Bernard talking amazing products, Neptune Canada project, underwater digital observatory.
Help crowdsource the ocean. You can join in the Neptune community project fun at
The horizon after PLM... 3D Experince. Understand present, explore future possibility.
Joe Dunne on stage introducing next guest, Tony Fadell, creator of NEST thermostat.
Tony Fadell, 'Father of iPod', interview on stage at #SWW12
Tony Fadell: Design challenge. "Everything is a surprise. Multi-disciplinary team/creative tension critical for product success"
Tony Fadell: NEST thermostat born out of frustration.
Tony Fadell: NEST is a learning thermostat. Senses if you're there. Control from anywhere with iPhone.
Tony Fadell: Applied cell phone concept to thermostats. NEST designed in SolidWorks with 8 person team

That’s it for the General Session Day 1. More to come at SWW12! Remember to follow us on Twitter for all the latest happenings, photos, announcements and MORE.


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