HP has delivered up the new HP Z1 line, a beefy new all-in-one workstation with 27 inches of IPS display catered toward the 3D and graphics professional. The slightly chunky (yet low profile) computer looks much like a thick monitor, sports a 2560 x 1440, IPS display, Xeon (i3 or E3) processor and options for NVIDIA GPUs, Quadro 500M on the Entry level rigs up to the Q4000M on the high end. It starts at $1899 and will be available to rock your desktop early April.

HP Z1 All-in-One Workstation

The workstation display folds down, has an easy to open back to reach all those CAD crankin’ components and comes with 5 internal USB ports, 2 side usb ports and 4 at the rear. You also get a DVD (or Blu-ray) drive on the side, an integrated 1080p webcam and the options to tie in a secondary display if 27 inches is too little for you. You can get all the dets on the HP Z1 here.

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