Feast your eyes upon this odd lookin’ chair. Some products you can just look at and know it was designed with SolidWorks. The The Dreeben Billet Chair is one of those. It’s as if you are looking right at the model and recognize the features used to create it.

Micheal Dreeben is the designer and was recently one of the winners of the Design Within Reach M+d+F show for his Chaise style version of this fine chair. Much more comfy lookin’ don’t ya think?

The Billet Chair was designed a few years ago with the aid of Todd Courtois, an independent designer and engineer. Micheal Dreeben himself is an independent furniture designer.

The Ponoko Blog has an excerpt from a recent interview with Dreeben about the design process from sketches and prototypes to CAD and CNC. It’s a must read, if you are interested about the dynamic life of independent design and what materials are used to make it happen.

Via Ponoko Blog


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