We’re keeping the theme of cars following last week’s Hot Rod model with a project that will be a tad simpler but just as fun.

I think everyone from 2 to 200 likes a pull-back car. HOURS of fun to be had just pulling back a car, getting yelled at by someone because you’ve pulled it back too far and the gears start snapping. Well, we’ve got one better for you.

New Matter is the maker of the MOD-t 3D printer ($299) and they just uploaded a number of awesome 3D print projects on their MyMiniFactory page. The latest of which is a sweet, customizable rubberband dragster you can print, assemble, crank back and let’er rip!

There are 13 parts all together and a few purchase parts they provide sources for. The assembly instructions walk you through 24 steps of clear illustrations that show how to get your dragster together quickly. Forget the Pinewood Derby. I think it’s time to print a few of these out to have a dragster competition.

You can view the build instructions here (or here) and download the Rubberband Dragster model files at MyMiniFactory. (BONUS! Check out New Matter MyMinifactory page and especially their Ping Pong Ball Launcher!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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