Have a hot rod project car out in the garage? Yes? No? What’s that? It’s more a pile of hot rod parts you say? If you look at my garage in the dark and squint hard enough, all of those boxes look vaugly like a hot rod… kinda.

A hot rod is #3 on my project dream car list. But, like me, perhaps you want to start smaller, like with a RC hot rod car – just think of how many of those you could fit in your garage.

Jason Suter set out to design his own documenting the process along the way. He has provided the files and instructions, but also the thought behind the process to explain his appraoch and help you build your own RC car. Jason chose a ’32 Ford hot rod design – here’s his final result.

YouTube video

Jason goes step by step through the complete process, beginning with the 3D modeling in Fusion 360 and designing for strength and 3D printing to painting, mods and assembly. This is a great model, both for its thoroughness and all the ways you can take it to make your own RC car build.


He designed the body originally for SLS printing, but has now provided a version that is FDM-Friendly, recommending to print it in ABS or PETG.

You can download the 32 For Hot Rod Body on MyMiniFactory and see the scratch build on Instructables to build it yourself!




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