Locked in the moss-clad, iron-sided shed the sound reverberated with each drop. It fell from the sky, shifting the color, filling any exposed crevice, leaking in through the cracks where the light changed from orange to white and back. Thicker and thicker they grew, watery meat sniggles, hatched by these links.

Ai Shah – It would be neat if these were photos, but they’re not. They’re paintings. Paintings of incredible photorealistic water scenes.

Little book of butts – A new book by artist Attaboy. It’s about butts. Microscopic butts. The checking-yourself-out butt. Etc.

Jetlag – Two photographers shooting at the same time over 12 hours in two different places in the world. A shot every 30 minutes, very nice.

Siri beatboxing – There’s beatboxing and then there’s beatboxing to Siri after you ask “What is 100 trillion to the tenth power?” HeartGrey makes it sound awesome.

Hidden Folks – A new game on Steam (soon on mobile) that’s like Where’s Waldo, but interactive, animated and all black and white. Cool art and challenging game.

Cintriphone – Nicolas Vuignier does an experiment with his iPhone to shoot himself skiing. Brilliant. Making of coming soon.

Galvanized – The glaavanized wire sculptures of Kendra Haste. There’s lions, rhinos, dolphins and yes, even a baboon troop.

Building – Sadly, Sense Field frontman Jon Bunch died this week at the age of 45. This is their amazing second album.



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