Yeah, so here’s the thing. When your kid ask why you have a superhero’s head with knives stuck in it sitting on your countertop, you can say, “Did I ever show you how to make Chimichangas?” But why do… “CHIMICHANGAS!!” It’ll all make sense. And how do you get a superhero’s head on your countertop. It requires two things, a loud grunt and checking out this Instructable.

Britt Michelsen was hankering for a knife block to display her beautiful set of slicers. She came across a Julius Caesar knife block, but that’s so lame compared to what she thought up after seeing Marvel’s Deadpool–A DEADPOOL KNIFE BLOCK. Unfortunately she didn’t have the 3D modeling chops to make such a thing, but found a 3D model of Deadpool, ganked it, bashed out the mealy bits and added the knife slots using a combo of MeshLab and Meshmixer (which probably took more time and skill than just modeling the dang thing).

With her Replicator 2, she printed out five sections. Altogether it took about 40 hours to print. She glued the pieces together, acetoned the sucka, sanded, primed and painted it. And done. A totally cool, but totally not role-model worthy Deadpool knife block for your kitchen countertop.

You can download the model on Instructables (or hit Thingiverse for the complete stl and obj).

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