Move over hamburgers and hotdogs, pizza could be the new go-to favorite for tailgaters, campers and backyard barbeques everywhere. How does 1000% of your daily charbs sound? On the go? Nashville-based Tennessee Stone & Design has kicked-off their Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing mobile brick ovens to pizza and closet brick oven enthusiasts everywhere. The modular system actually converts your standard Weber grill or outdoor table into a fire-stokin’, heat-trappin’ bake oven of beauty.

The company’s flagship oven, the Relic, was designed as a portable modular unit that features a composite stone three-part top designed to fit 22-inch Weber grills or a fitted base stone. The composite stone is lightweight, weatherproof and shock resistant, making it durable and perfect for mobile pizza.

Each modular piece locks together to maintain a constant 800 to 1,000°F uniform heat thanks to the domed hood and proprietary composite material, which redirects heat to the stone base. What’s more, the base stone has an integrated firebox that sits lower than the plate, which helps keep ash and charcoal away from or falling on that delicious pie.

TN&D is also including their other products in their campaign at discounted prices, including impact-resistant baking stones, grill mounts, pizza peels (those big wooden spatulas) and even stone coasters. Those who would like to snag a Relic Mobile Pizza Oven or any of their other products can pledge $885 or more, which may sound like a lot but when you consider the cost of building your own oven, you’re actually saving money and who can put a price on brick oven pizza?

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