If I’m to be truly honest, the infinite possibilities of LEGOs can be a bit daunting when it comes to building. When someone 10 years younger than myself can make a masterpiece out of the same 500 bricks I’m given, it can feel disheartening to even begin my own creation.

Not as many adults have the time to be as creative as they would like, but LEGO thinks they have the answer to the problem with customizable sets that allows adults to both relax and be creative while eliminating the need to plan out a LEGO masterpiece.

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Unlike the other divisions of LEGO which require you to think outside the box, LEGO FORMA models come with instructions which adults can follow to make their very own mechanical fish. Using 294 plastic parts including rods, cranks, and gears which fit specifically with one another, the older generation can relax while leaving the creativity to the younger folk.


Once the plastic model is assembled, you can slap on one of four customizable skins: the classic koi skin, a splash koi skin, an ink koi skin, or a shark skin. The skins look pretty snazzy on their own, but it is encouraged to put your own spin and color the skins yourself. A rainbow-colored koi looks far cooler than the classic red, white, and black version, as does a solid gold shark!


With the model outfitted in a new skin, all there is to do now is turn the crank at the base and watch it swim in place. The makers in Denmark took inspiration from classic nature themes and animal behaviors, so LEGO FORMA models have a certain flow to their design in contrast to the classic blocky LEGO models.


While not on the official LEGO webpage, you can find more details on LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo (which is a tad weird, considering LEGO doesn’t really need funding).


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