It’s no longer a secret–modo 701 is going to kick butt in major ways. Luxology’s Brad Peebler gave an online presentation this morning where he showed off the best of what’s new for those of us eager to dive into the new release. From updated edge beveling enhancements to a new animation workflow, Luxology has proved that not only can they make a great software package, but they also listen to the needs of their strong community of users. Here’s a collection of some of the best of what’s new…presented by Mr. Peebler himself.

modo 701 new features

Dynamic Parenting

Edge Bevel Shapes

Progressive Refinement Rendering Enhancement

Animation Workflow

UI Workflow Enhancements

Contour Tool and Bridge Enhancements

Live Simulation Mode

Particle Sculpting

Item Shaders

Environment Importance Sampling (EIS)

Particle Basics and Integration I

Particle Basics and Integration II

Of course, this is just a small offering of the big picture:

“We’ve made such big improvements to the existing architecture of the software in MODO 701 that 601 users will notice a huge leap forward…We’ve also added some really cool functionality like the new particle system. This release will truly deliver on the philosophy that perfection comes through refinement. As always, we have pushed the limits and can’t wait to find out what you all think.”
-Brad Peebler, co-founder of Luxology

New users to modo can buy the current version of modo 601 at the current price ($1,195.00) and then get a free 701 upgrade at launch. Existing users will follow the same upgrade process as previous versions ($495).

Head on over to the Luxology site to upgrade or get a free trial!


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