Cracking your knuckles after a cup of Starbuck’s strongest may shoot vibes of professionalism across the coffee shop, but there’s one thing all 3D pros need more than a 6am caffeine fix… a decent portfolio. Options abound across the web and if you’re savvy, you can even create your own website or app. However, if you would rather stick to making the 3D happen and skip the web development, Sketchfab has an option a tad different from the rest. They’ve launched, a subdomain of the Sketchfab share site to create Professional 3D Portfolio websites of your very own.


Sketchfab 3D Portfolio

You can see an example of portfolio sites here and here. The Sketchfab 3D portfolio can certainly serve as a better way to present 3D models to clients or customers, but does it kill of the traditional portfolio or demoreel?

We talked with Alban Denoyel, co-founder and COO of Sketchfab to get some more details. “Demoreel are still useful in some cases,”Alban says, “it’s good to have both, and we’ll add options to attach renderings and videos to a model.”

The cost for a fully-interactive spot on the web to present your 3D data is $7/month. It’s completely free for students and has a handful customization features with more on the way. “So far there is light customization–logo and profile pic. We are also about to release custom backgrounds, and we’ll add more options in the future. You get your own url, and we can map your own domain if you have one.”

Now, for those who still want to create their own portfolio site or already have one, Sketchfab still offers the ability to upload models to, then embed your creation on your own sites. Video of how the new portfolio site works below. This is absolutely one cool way to present your work. Is it a game changer for you?




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