Wow, when I said Web 3D was heating up, I wasn’t kidding. You know GrabCAD is always cooking up new features, but this is a delightful surprise. Today, they launch their own web-based 3D Viewer available right inside the GrabCAD interface to view 3D files and collaborate with others. Here’s the sneak peak.

GrabCAD 3D Viewer

You can view the robotic arm example to try it out yourself. The GrabCAD viewer is different from other 3D viewer/collaboration platforms we’ve featured in that it overlays the GrabCAD interface and has a pin feature to add annotation directly to the model. A ‘View 3D File’ button allows you to load the 3D file into view, use 6 predefined viewing angles or pan, zoom and rotate to the orientation you desire.

Uses include:

  • Collaborate with engineers on projects with annotation pins right on the model
  • Share your models with clients, manufacturers, or anybody without CAD
  • Check out all public models on GrabCAD before downloading them

It’s not as full featured a viewer as and, but in the context of the model you are viewing on GrabCAD it’s a perfect fit. View before you download or comment on a certain part of the model. Currently, it only support .stl file upload. Other files on the site are being converted and any .stl file you upload will be instantly viewable. You can see a brief overview in the video below and find more information via the announcement on the GrabCAD blog.


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