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Ah yes! Another addition of to Solidsmack’s legendary catalogue of “What the Heck is THAT?” The Ryno is a one-wheeled beast of an invention, manufactured and sold by Ryno Motors. It combines the technical sensibilities of the Segway with the look, feel and, quite literally, half the badass-ness of a motorcycle. I was never a fan of the Segway because 1) it looked ‘plastic’ and 2) I thought standing up and moving was a silly idea (especially with a helmet on – nobody looks cool wearing a bike helmet on a Segway! NO ONE.) But the Ryno? I could actually rock a leather jacket, helmet, roll up to an old roadside bar and not feel out of place… Maybe.

The Ryno

Remember the Uno transforming, single-wheeled transport? Yeah, this isn’t so new an idea, but I’m sure you’ve not seen them on the streets either. The Uno was slated for production in 2010. Ryno is hoping to do the same, but bring the single wheel to market in 2013.

You may be saddened (and left in the dust with nothing but your lost dreams) when you see the specs though. The Ryno is handicapped by the rules of the road. Oregon regulations (where the Ryno was developed) has limited the speed to a paltry 32 kph (20 mph). Range is somewhat limited as well – only 20 miles. In other words – at full-speed, you going to run out of juice in an hour. You could lift (or launch) the bike up some steps though with a weight of only 125 lbs and a max incline of 30 degrees. (Full specs here.)

But get this. Real handlebars. Actual brakes. It’s such a wonderful synthesis of existing motorbikes and Segway, I’d buy one (if I had the money.) Price isn’t great though – $4,500, considering it is a bit underpowered and low-range in comparison to most motorbikes and scooters out there. Yet, the general concept is killer. I fear if I did ride it around, people would stop me to ask where I left the other half of my motorbike or I would have to explain that no, it is not a unicycle… as I speed away, at 20 mph.

I’ll take that risk.