Kickstarter is awash with iPhone, iPad and other Apple paraphernalia – it speaks the website’s yuppie creators and contributors – not that it’s a bad thing (Apple user here). After going through the website to make a long-overdue edition of Solidsmack’s ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’, I discovered that many of the best, most funded projects were Apple-related. What do you do then? YOU GIVE IN.

Une Bobine

The Une Bobine is so genius. I mean, why buy a specific stand when you can buy a Bobine and mould it into a spiral to hold up your iPhone. Coffee mug on your desk? Wrap it around. It’s a splendid idea that utilizes a common item (iPhone cables), rethinks them (stiffens it) to solve a problem (I want my phone to stand up). Over 3,000 have agreed with that statement, and you have until June 15 to put your money where your mouth is (your mouth says ‘I want’ … amiright?’)

Brydge + iPad

Thanks to the design trio of Brad, Eddy and Sam, we have an iPad accessory that Apple (probably) has (tucked away in Jonathan Ive’s secret vault) but hasn’t released. I’ve waited years for an accessory like this. Brydge + iPad is a aerospace-grade aluminum keyboard that attaches with a hinge to your iPad, turning it into a laptop. I could sit down at the coffee shop with this and people would think it a new Apple product. That’s how good it looks. Pre-order for $170 without speakers, $210 with speakers. You have until June 4th.


Yes, your phone can be used to scan objects. I do this all the time. Steady hands are needed – not something I have. Solution? The Scanbox! It positions your iPhone exactly where needed to scan papers, photos or 3D objects and it’s one of the cheaper solutions I’ve seen – $15 bucks! Not to shabby. What it’s missing is the ability to use other cameras, although you could mod it to do so. Having access to a laser cutter, it would have been even better to have an option to buy the pattern to cut/modify as well. Last day to get the Scanbox is July 7th!