Steal the iPad away from the kids for a few minutes and check this out. IMSI Design, makers of DoubleCAD, has put out the first 3D DWG Viewer for the iPad. “3D DWG!?” you scream in your loudest Vietnamese accent. “What is that all about?!” Well, it’s about a few things – one-upping Autodesk, bringing the joys of DWG to iPad and showing off some new technology that’s not been shown on a 2D or 3D CAD Viewing app to date.

First 3D DWG Viewer for iPad

Not too long ago IMSI refocused and brought out DoubleCAD, bringing in some cool file compatibility/conversion options. With the dawning of the iPad and CAD software developers dipping their toes in the malignant growth of the mobile market, they decided to have a go, but approach it from the mobile platform side instead of trying to port programs over to the mobile devices.

Just a Viewer?

TurboViewer is indeed just a viewer, but there are a few bits of viewing technology that stand out about it’s functionality. Viewing technology that isn’t in other apps. TurboViewer is the first to have full screen preview when the DWG is loading. You can pan the view around and once it’s loaded, it stays where you’ve moved it. It automatically switches between single-touch panning and orbit (rotate) depending on the view being 2D or 3D. Perhaps the biggest feature, is that the views are always full-resolution with no regeneration when zooming in and out. All of these act together to make it a surprisingly responsive viewing application.

Now, Autodesk has AutoCAD WS. TurboViewer definitely does not have the capabilities that WS has at this time. It’s not meant to. For IMSI, this is the first foray into the app world. As they continue development, their plans are to have a whole line of “Turbo Apps” available for the iOS devices and Android, with other surprises around the corner. iPhone will also be launching later this week and TurboViewer PRO will be launching in the next 5-6 weeks with even more features. Note: TurboViewer 1.2 just went live 10 minutes ago adding a web based wiki help system as well as the ability to cancel a file while loading, optimizations, fixes, and iPhone support. Download TurboViewer on iTunes


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