This is a robotic turret for your iPhone. It’s called the Galileo because Galileo himself was a robot, with hidden gun turrets. Fact. Unlike the Italian physicist, this iPhone platform has infinite spherical rotation capability and can be operated from remote locations. It’s the brainchild of Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt, the duo who brought you the Gorillapod flexible camera tripod, and… the project is fully funded (and then some) on Kickstarter.

Galileo iPhone Platform

The ideas behind the Galileo iPhone platform is to keep you better connected with people you don’t want to be around you’re away from. Capture your loved ones or off-site meeting companions with full 360 degree pan-and-tilt action. Catch the babysitter stealing cigars from your lion head humidor or record a timelapse of children tracking mud through the hallway. Again?! I thought I told you kids to take your shoes off! The Galileo is even programmable.

What excites us the most about Galileo are the uses that we haven’t thought of yet. With our Galileo SDK, app developers have the freedom to integrate Galileo functionality into their existing apps as well as create entirely new apps around the unbounded movement of Galileo, expanding the possibilities for automated tracking and photographic and cinematographic applications.

My plan? To buy two, mount them in the tree behind my house and record the finale of “When Squirrels Attack.” You?? The project has a couple weeks to go which means you can still pick one up for $85. The regular price will be $130, so if you’re an iPhone accessory freak, hop to it!


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