I’m not sure how many of you would be crazy enough to use a 3D CAD program on a Mac. I mean who uses Apple stuff anymore? amirite? Well, a lot of the companies developing 3D programs are developing for the popular platform. PTC not excluded. Here, Mike C. with his bad self running things, drops the Creo for Mac dets.

Will Creo be available on Apple platforms?

Now, what about Linux? or Android? or Cheese? I want CAD Apps that run on cheese. Anyone can tell you, market penetration for that has way more potential – and that shows you exactly why everyone is after me to be a CAD industry exec.

Here’s a few other videos of things you may be wondering about Creo…

Will Creo Work with Windchill ProductPoint?

Will Creo Work with Windchill PDMLink?

What is the future for Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager?

Will the Creo Suite of Design Apps just have One File Type with Single Extension?


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