Escape from Tarkov is a 1st-person MMO-RPG multiplayer tactical video game that Battlestate Games has developed for Windows. This game is set in the region of Norvinsk, and here, a war takes place between a couples of private military companies. Players join matches known as raids, and here, they fight other bots and players for loot, and they intend to endure and escape. When players play this game, they use the finest resources as they confront various scavengers that get in their way. And when they wish to emerge as winners, they defeat these scavs.

While playing this game, players find many zones that include the Woods, Factory, Customs Reserves, and Lab. When they become winners, they get the glory. Contrarily, if they lose, they lose all the items for which they had worked hard for so long. So, losing is not an option for any player. As players do not want their efforts to turn meaningless, they use the best EFT hacks found on These hacks make players invincible, and they can utilize them in every imaginable scenario. Players use these hacks so that they can work easily and remain secure from bans.

What Are EFT Wipes?

EFT wipes are recognized as worldwide resets, and they work to kick a player to level one and remove every gear that he has accumulated. Though it might sound a little scary prospect to beginners, it is pretty natural. Many players wonder what they can hope from EFT wipes. Commonly, wipes are found with some significant game updates, and here, the progress of every player resets to zero, and it comprises weapons, quest progress, equipment, etc. However, players are provided their account beginning items after the completion of the wipes.

EFT wipes turn important for various reasons. The most important thing is these wipes allow the developers to avert unimportant coding mishaps as they might happen during these huge gameplay overhauls. Again, wipes also seem to be a superb chance for beginners so they can plunge themselves into this game without fearing the veteran players who have already obtained the finest equipment and weapons.

The Last Wipe of EFT

EFT was wiped last in June, and it signifies that fans are not required to wait for a long period until their accounts and progressions are wiped again. If you feel curious and need to know what a wipe involves, then you need to know that it is pretty simple, and players get these wipes every 6 months. The wipes from the house of Battlestate Games wipe the progress of every player. And it means the quest progress, inventories, reputation, and levels will get deleted. Hence, everyone will get to square one.

In the majority of games, it turns into a hindrance, but in EFT, this event turns into a welcoming one because it keeps a shooter feeling fresh.

The Next EFT Wipe

Though Battlestate Games, the developer of Escape from Tarkov, hasn’t yet confirmed a specific date when the subsequent EFT wipe will come out, this game gets wiped every 6 months traditionally. The last wipe of this game was on the 28th of June 2022, and it means players can hope to get the subsequent EFT to happen in late December.

However, there isn’t a specific date for all wipes, and Battlestate Games hardly confirms a date for wipes. In place of that, the developer habitually builds up wipes with some game-altering events, and they throw the economy and balance of Tarkov into anarchy. Players, while playing this game, find these events to be easier to spot. Earlier, these events had comprised all the bosses that appeared on Customs, secretive weather alterations, and laboratories that opened up for free.

As of the 9th of December 2022, novice events have begun to be included in EFT. Scavengers are presently running around using grenade launchers and stims that have no pessimistic side effects. The wipe is likely to be out in the subsequent 2 days because the yearly EFT Twitch drops movement will kick off on the 29th of December. And if the wipe is not done prior to this, then the drops will emerge as pointless, and it will give players items moments before a wipe does remove them all.

The EFT Wipe Schedule

When players observe the days between each wipe of Escape from Tarkov, then they will observe that there’s an average time of one hundred and fifty-one days between every wipe. This, however, has been skewed down because of the prior EFT wipes. There are a couple of wipes each calendar year; one happens in the summer, whereas the other in the winter. There is an assumption that when Escape from Tarkov reaches its full release, then players will not confront any more wipes. If a player has come into the game of EFT fresh using the novice wipes, he needs to check the guide of EFT as it will clear his confusion. Hence, he will be able to start playing this game fresh.