Pump up the Thump on the Bump man! Your renderings of soup cups and cyborgs just might get a bit more realistic, and guess what, it won’t require any harmful immunizations or soap throwing.

Bunkspeed has released Hypershot 1.9, the latest version of their rendering software. If you’ve read the press release, you’ll see it will give you an “even more realistic look,” but what is it that actually helps your materials look more realistic? Thomas Teger was around help us understand and fill us in on plugin updates.

What is it that is help materials look more realistic?
It is the bump mapping that makes your materials, or better material finishes look more realistic. You can take any .jpeg image, apply it to any material, and add the necessary depth to it. A lot of finishes are never perfect, or have a certain type of finish to it. Think about it – metallic paint has orange peel, chrome is a little warped, metals can be brushed, hammered, etc.

What is the new 3D CAD integration and where does it help user experience?
As far as importers go, we have now a 64bit version of our SolidWorks importer. Also the Pro/E importer has vastly improved, now more suitable for corporate environments that deal with custom installations and setups of Pro/E.

Where can people get a free Trial?
Hypershot 1.9 can be downloaded here
The 3D CAD import plugins can be downloaded here

Thanks Thomas. The price for Hypershot HD is $995.00 and limits you to 1920 by 1080 realtime resolution and 4.1 MP rendering resolution. For SolidWorks specific rendering there’s a version available for $1495.00 and adds unlimited rendering resolutions. You’ll have to give them a call directly for a set-up for unlimited resolutions.

My Results

Being able to place a bump map on any type of material surface really makes the combination of visuals increase dramatically. You’ll see below an imported SolidWorks model that has a metallic chrome finish with a Walnut Burl Texture and Bump map applied to it. It’s easy enough to apply through the Material Properties, but with a model like this it will take some adjustment to get the projection to look smooth.

Post image: Josh Nizzi


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