You know when you get on the bus or, even better, when you’re walking through the mall and people are looking at you like a mass of USB cords just exploded out of your jawbone? It’s because it has and it’s scaring the children.

Not to worry! You can tame those wily cords with Gonglue Jiang’s and his Infinite USB design. While it won’t keep you from looking like a hideous creature stuffed full of way too many devices which require USB connectivity, it will make you look a bit more tidy.

So, the idea is simple. One USB piggybacks on another.. on another… on another… until the voltage drop forces a ripple in space-time or people start laughing at the sheer number of USB ports you have stacked. Pictures say it all…

This isn’t in production yet, but I’d be surprised if a manufacturer doesn’t contact Gonglue rip it off before the beginning of summer. Imagine the design applications for this. They could be shaped like sticks, or VOLTRON! That one’s mine. Voltron, or bear heads… can you imagine having a stack of bear heads coming out the side of your computer. I can, I so can.

Via Yanko Design


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