What’s going on in the world of Crowdfunding? Amazing things! But before I get into this edition of “Wisdom of the Crowd”, I’d like to point out that Maxifab has beat its target of $5,000, pulling in a whopping $24,393 and iZen Bamboo Keyboard past its goal of $18,000 reaching $26,436. Pretty kickass if you ask me. What do we have this week?

Bukobot 3D printer

The Bukobot 3D printer is the brainchild of Diego Porqueras of San Diego. The printer seems to be a legit design. He’s got a massive set of products for sale, like a “Green” eco-friendly version, the “8” Model (8″x8″x8″ print bed) or the “Duo”, which includes dual extruders. The frame is made of t-slots, so you can expand the size of the 3D printer if you need to. The Bukobot is a step up from what I’ve seen in the DIY printing market. Only $1,299 for a Dual Extruder Printer? That’s alright in my books. And only $750 for a 5x5x6 Buko Mini Green Printer kit – not a bad deal at all.

YouTube video

Two Foto Animator

The Two Foto Animator is my kind of toy. Take two images or photographs, stick them in the Animator and turn the crank. The images alternate, turning them into a real-life gif animation. With the brass hardware and wood, the whole design looks very steampunk, in spite of being made from laser cut wood and not being steam-powered (and WHY NOT?) From the looks of it, designer Joe Freedman used Voronoi filtering to create the motifs. Way to steal my heart, Joe. You can receive one of these toys for a contribution of $60 or more. get on it before time runs out!

What interesting projects have you seen?