Goodbye Adobe, Brushes, Layers and anyone else trying to dominate the iPhone Sketch app market. AutoDesk just release the 1.1 update to their Sketchbook Mobile app.

I just upgraded and tried it out. If you were not convince from the earlier Sketchbook Mobile Review and Comparison to other apps, this time around you will be. It rocks much harder now and has (almost) all the things it was lacking in the 1.0 version. Here’s the run-down on the new features and a slick little video montage of the goods.

  • Patented gesture-based marking menus
  • E-mail PSD format (preserving layers)
  • Layer opacity, Layer delete
  • Double tap exit from Brush & Layer editors
  • Import Landscape-oriented images
  • Brush preview on resize
  • Brush stippling

The .PSD export is EXTREMELY useful for apps like these and was my big complaint when it first launched. The added layer features are extremely nice, but there are still a few extras missing, like layer duplication, rotate and cropping. The single touch undo/redo when the Marking Menu is up is great too. It only requires a single tap as your picking your next tool. Brush size preview, excellent as well. Here’s the video to show the new features a little better.

Get the app for $2.99 at the iTunes App store


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