So , it’s no surprise the last post was asking about your software/hardware upgrade habits. Windows 7 launches today. What does that mean? Well, besides the likelihood that you’re wondering if you should upgrade, you’re probably also wondering where you can get a 7 layer Burger King Whopper.

Well, you can stop wondering, because it’s where you’ve always thought it would be, Japan. And get this… it’s only ¥777 (or $8.55) to attempt eating the entire meat stack in one sitting. That’s a DEAL. Oh, and I couldn’t resist tying in an old Korean Fried Chicken ad from 1987. Yes, you’d eat the chicken if Robocop told you to.

First the Windows 7 Burger King ad. NICE. Bring one back for me. (via Engadget)

Now, the glory of Robocop, coming into your living room with delicious fried chicken.


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