I tarred the intakes just fine ,when the roto-adjusters went all bibbly-squid and shot bloom juice all over the pistol switch. I think we can get her back up and running, but it’s gonna take some mighty fine links to do it.

Taehoon Oh – Little is know of Taehoon they say, except that he rocks a mean concept ship and does Infinity Ward/Activision games.
Ninite – Custom program installer, without the junk. Browsers, Utilities and more. Easily the best mass install site evaah.
Lensbaby Optics – Focus in on this. New Fisheye and Soft focus goodies to help you rock that lens… baby.
I heart shotgun zombies – A shirt. A green shirt. It could be black, but it’s green and it a perfect waning for the undead.
New Mac Ads – New Windows 7 out this week. Likewise new Mac ads. You’ll like’em even if you’re a PC.
Podcasting Equipment Guide – Interested on creating a podcast for you and your pet marmut. No problem. Complete Guide with four options.

Bonus! Weird Freaky
36 Stairs – I have no idea.
Strawberry Swing – Once again, I have no idea.
Grocery Store Musical – a boy can dream.


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