As if handling tiny watch screws wasn’t hard enough, has anybody taken a second to think about how much precision goes into making the dang things?

Touted as having ‘the highest precision on the market’, the SwissNano is one of many machines offered by the reputable Tornos brand and is designed for fabricating nearly 2/3 of the multiple parts that go into a mechanical watch design:

The SwissNano was designed to meet the demand for small workpieces requiring very high precision. For example, its kinematics enable the machine to produce two thirds of watch movement components, from the simple to the most complex,including cutting ,with excellent finishes. Its capability extends beyond horological applications to include any type of workpiece requiring extreme quality and precision. The kinematic structure was designed for exemplary balance and thermal management enables the operating temperature to be achieved very rapidly.

Watchmaking Screw 0.5

Pignon de Seconde

Axe de Balancier

Even more impressive than the parts that the SwissNano makes is the machine itself…there was some serious mechanical engineering that went into this thing—and the industrial design isn’t half-bad, either:



  • The highest precision on the market
  • Unique kinematics enabling turning, drilling, cutting/deburring and roughing/finishing operations
  • Excellent accessibility for easy setting operations
  • Horological standard precision
  • Fixed/rotating guide bush or operation without guide bush
  • Minimal footprint: 1.1 m in front of the machine with bar feeder and width 0.65 m

Been feeling an itch to get into watchmaking with the expected rise of smart watches on the horizon? Head over to Tornos to check out more on the SwissNano.


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