With music festivals such as Coachella, Bumbershoot and Bonnaroo gaining record-attendance numbers each year, the sleeping conditions are still, well…terrible for the majority of festival-goers.

While some attendees like to use the music festival as a ‘roughing it’ experience on par with camping, the conditions are still less than ideal for the majority of people looking to catch a few ZZZ’s between the all-night-and-morning DJ tent and the Nick Cave performance the next afternoon.

For those who want to take the hotel route, the majority of these festivals take place in small towns with a handful of small hotels that aren’t equipped for the crowd of thousands. Heck, even large cities that host festivals and have dozens—if not hundreds—of hotels tend to book out all their rooms quickly.

Needless to say, there’s a glaring problem space here for improving the shelter experience at outdoor music festivals that brings the best of hotels to the grounds of a music festival.


The B-AND-BEE sleeping pods just might be the answer for keeping the dust, rain and occasional overly-buzzed passerby at bay.

Designed by Belgian design firms Compaan and Labeur vzw, the modular honeycomb structures are made up of hexagonal pods that can be transported and stacked easily in a variety of environments…all while actually aiming to help the environment:

“Sometimes good design can easily fail in a poorly designed system. So to insure that B-AND-BEE isn’t just a good idea on paper and small tests, we developed a sophisticated product-service system including transportation, operation and maintenance. B-AND-BEE is a fine example of socially and environmentally responsible industrial design. The services behind B-AND-BEE are based on the social economy. The materials used are durable and help reduce the heavy ecological footprint festivals usually have.”







While the pods may not offer as much open room as the popular communal ‘party tent’, they do come with enough room for a king size bed, luggage storage, a light, a locker and a power supply for keeping your phone charged and your Instagram feed running full-force the whole weekend.

No word yet on when you’ll be able to leave the tent at home in favor of a pod, but you can check out more over at B-and-Bee.com.


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