What’s better than a 3D model with a bunch of curvy bits? A 3D model that replaces the curvy bits with more knobs, pipes, cutters, angles, conduit, boosters and extrusions than is reasonable or even imaginable. If you’re high fiving your face in agreement, you’ll want to remove the hydraulic actuators from your jowls and smile at this. Luxology has released the all new modo Bashing Kit with an assortment of mesh presets and image maps to bash ultimate spectacular into your sci-fi scenes and take your mechanized modeling to the next level.

modo Bashing Kit

The kit includes 230 mesh presets, 90 image maps and utility scripts for quick arrays and detail matching across a surface. Along with all that goodness they have five videos and two tutorials to likewise bash the dickens out of your modo knowledge centers. Can it get any better? Not until they release Bashing Kit #2 with robot bits and rust!

The modo Bashing Kit runs a cool $99 and is available for download on the Luxology Kit page.

“Imagine being able to quickly lay out a cockpit or a control surface of your own design. You’ve got switch arrays, dials, digital displays, head up displays, throttles, joysticks and even an ejector seat. The Kit provides high and low polygon versions of many assets, as well as tools for baking your instrumentation into a lightweight image map that you can use again and again.”


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