When they made the announcement a few months ago, botObjects came under scrutiny from the designer/maker crowd because they had little more than a vector-esque orthographic rendering of what the 3D printer would look like….with no 3D print examples. They followed up a few weeks later with some sample prints, however there was still no video ‘proof’ of how the darn thing worked. As the saying goes “better late than never”, the co-founders today released a video of the printer in action. Let’s take a look shall we?

First Video from botObjects

Featuring 25 micron printing using their own PLA filament, the video (embed for this page temporarily not working) was taken with the printer printing at 175 mm/s, with the video accelerated at certain points for the purpose of summarization. According to botObjects, the floral vase seen in the video was “printed exactly as offered, yet the ProDesk3D printed at a higher resolution than the original STL file”.

Let’s take a closer look at that resolution now, shall we?

Zoom X1

Zoom X2

Zoom X3

The video also highlights their ‘new’ translucent PLA colors. These guys love to build hype…until it’s released, it’s all ‘new’, right?


Regardless of when and where we’ll see the printer, it’s nice to see them being more transparent with their development…an often overlooked yet critical trait for today’s consumers…especially products geared towards makers and designers.


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(images via botObjects)


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