Reading a post over at WorldCAD Access about a recent article makes me realize just how fortunate we are that AutoDESK “finally broke the market open” in 1999 with Inventor and saved us from expensive modeling programs like CATIA.

Hmmm. Man, if it wasn’t for the creative talent behind Inventor, I would still be typing in all my commands and deciding what color to make my dimension layer.

Whoa! man! …I just remembered… I was using SolidWorks in 1996, 3 years before Inventor! Boy, that article almost threw me off.

It’s sad really, in a very silly and non-threatening way. I think the Inventor marketing department would have more success if they packaged new releases of Inventor with hugs and a comfort pillow to lay your head on when your frustration level reached the point of causing an instant loss of consciousness.

autodesk inventor

I blame it on the hallucinogenic effects of wild monkey bites. That or the PR guys at AutoDesk are drinkin’ some syrupy hate-ridden java.

All kidding and sarcasm aside, this article is interesting because:

  1. Who forgot to send the press release out in 1999?
  2. How accurate are other mainstream news stories?

It’s enough to make your head spin.


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