MCAD LogoMCAD, a UK based product development and manufacturing magazine, has put up a 4 page review of SolidWorks 2008 this month.

It’s basically a rundown of the most talked about features. If you’ve seen a 2008 demo or have read other reviews it won’t really tell you anything new though. I would just skip to the end and read the conclusion which has some thought provoking copy.

The basic premise is that SolidWorks is headed in a new direction that allows you to focus on developing the product rather than getting the modeling to work. I’d agree for the most part. I think 2008 will make some things easier. I haven’t had to think about making fillets work as much, I just allow the FilletXpert to do its job.

The modeling and development are the fun part, but are drawings easier to create though? In most industries, you still have to document the design in a drawing. The process is the still the same for me, but I have noticed is it seems to be easier to move drawing views around. Not sure why. What’s made the biggest difference in modeling and drawings is the Shortcut bar. I’ve customized this to the point I’m not using the typical toolbars. I’m still messing with it, but let me tell ya, it’s nice.


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