Deep outta the heart of Berlin, Germany comes news for the user who enjoys the planar bliss of X and Y coordinates… and wears a shirt that say, “I do it on a Mac.”

Everyone down with 2D alternatives to AutoCAD knew that Graebert was working on a version of their ARES Commander product for the Mac. Well, today they released it. The first native DWG based, AutoCAD 2010 bangin’ CAD cutter on the market. They’re excited. So excited, they’ve got a special deal going that will shock the Mac user who is used to dishing out the dough for ultimate cool status. Oh, and there’s more.

Mac plus 2D and 3D

For those that enjoy the 3D side of design, ARES Commander also offers 3D capabilities. It’s the 3D ACIS based solid modeling. But here’s the better deal…

The Deal. The Download.

Until the end of September, Graebert is offering ARES Commander Mac Edition for 1/2 price. So instead of €995 (US $1260), you get it for €495 (US $630). Not too bad a deal considering the cost of AutoCAD. You can also download it for free, right now to give it a try.

Is DraftSight Next?

If you remember, Dassault launched their own 2D product based on Graebert’s ARES platform called DraftSight. It’s completely free. The plan is to have that available for the Mac later this year, as well as for Linux.

2D CAD on Linux?

Yes, Graebert may also be the first company to bring AutoCAD compliant, DWG based 2D CAD native to the Linux operating system. It’s currently in Beta. You can sign up to be a tester if that kind of thing excites you.

What about 3D on the Mac?

ARES Commander has some 3D modeling capabilities, but if you want more, you may want to get your nubs on these options. There’s NURBS/Polygon modeling with SolidThinking, Rhino OSX is in Beta, and there’s always the Ashlar-Vellum line of products. If you’re holding out for SolidWorks or Inventor on the Mac, you may have to wait a little longer. Both Autodesk and Dassault are obviously seeking such possibilities, but as it looks now, there’s nothing being made public. Look for announcements in December at AU2010 from Autodesk and from SolidWorks at SolidWorks 2011 in February.


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