Few scents truly bring back the golden age of my childhood. Chocolate pudding, fruit roll-ups, and scented markers are high up on that list, but few can meet the powerhouse that is Play-Doh. To this day, if I ever catch a whiff of the colorful fun stuff I am instantly and without warning thrown into a magical time machine where I remember extruding blue ropes through the plastic equivalent of a garlic press into a delicious spaghetti dinner (neon green meatballs included). Sadly, many Play-Doh fans like myself were let down today by a great prank pulled by ThinkGeek. Yes, the Play-Doh 3D printer doesn’t exist, but we can at least pretend.

Play-Doh 3D Printer

The entry-level $49.99 3D printer can be connected to your iPad and is controlled from within the ‘iPlay-Doh 3D’ app (it looks strikingly similar to Autodesk’s 123D Creature app). Once a shape is formed, it is sent to the 3D printer to be extruded with the magic Doh into your final design (spaghetti dinner anyone?). You can add up to three different colors to the final design, which is then hand-cranked through the jet head (yes people, this is a hand-cranked 3D printer). According to ThinkGeek, “…with the Play-Doh 3D Printer, you’ll learn basic CAD skills, bow hunting skills (just kidding), and 3D printing skills. It’s time to stop reading and get one now. Go on. Get!” If only it were real, we just might have done that.


  • The most economical and fun entry-level 3D printer on the market.
  • Uses Play-Doh as a print medium, so it’s safe for kids and noobies.
  • Can print in up to 3 colors at once (blending them like soft serve ice cream).
  • Connects to iPad for easy designing with free iPlay-Doh 3D app.
  • iPlay-Doh 3D app also lets you share designs with others (and print their designs).
  • Build Volume: 5″ cubed.
  • Power: 2 C Batteries and you (it’s mostly crank powered).
  • Includes: Play-Doh 3D Printer with conveyor belt, cranks, and printing head; plastic knife; 3 2oz cans of Play-Doh; and instructions.
  • Dimensions: approx. 15.5″ x 8″ x 19″


via ThinkGeek


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