It use to be that when you leave kids to their own volition, you would get various reenactments of Lord of the Flies or, at the very least, flour and eggs sprayed across the kitchen floor. Nowadays… well, you still get that, but with all the activities, online communities and things to make, there’s a lot less time for the mischievous impaling of boar heads on sticks and more time for the making. is focusing the potential of children with skill badges that can be achieved through the online community. They also have a handy set of guides for parents and educators and now, they have a special guide to help kids start their own DIY Club.


Kid Makers, Start your Clubs!

The idea is brilliant. With the activities, existing guides and skills already promoted by DIY, kids are already getting together to do everything from farming and beekeeping to fort building and film making. The DIY Club adds another badge for kids to earn and builds a framework with a load of challenges to get Make Spaces established around the world.

Beside gaining the Club Maker badge, the incentive to start a Maker Club are huge. After starting one and register it on, you (I mean, your kids) will receive a DIY sticker pack and they also have digital DIY artwork to help get your website all snazzy looking and drum up support in your own community. It’s an online guide, so all details and resources can be viewed on the Club site. If your looking for a quick and easy step-by-step, the Club Maker skill couldn’t be laid out better. Has there ever been a better time for kids to start their own DIY Clubs? We think not.


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