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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

Blue Planet Aquarium– The whirlpool-shaped Blue Planet aquarium by Danish studio 3XN opened to the public in Copenhagen last week. Inspired by shapes generated from swirling water, this amazing structure is clad in shimmering aluminium shingles. It’s reminiscent of fish scales and features over 50 unique aquariums and 450 species of aquatic life. Check it out next time you’re in Copenhagen.

White Craftsman Dry-Erase Tool Chest– Do you ever find yourself pulling out drawer after drawer of your tool chest chest looking for that one tool you knew was there? YES. Well not anymore. With the new dry-erase marker-friendly Limited Edition White Craftsman Tool Drawer you can label each drawer to your heart’s content. Or just doodle cartoons all over it. Available through Craftsman at $450.

Google Keep– It seems as though one cannot get away from all the note-taking and to-do apps out there. It’s almost like you have to have a to-do list to remember to use your to-do list. The new Keep app from Google is Android’s answer for your brain-dumps. It’s got a Metro-like interface and ensures you’ll remember to do things… like pick up Smoth’s special anti-fungal cream.

DrawQuest– And once you’re done tending to your to-do list, Yes… be sure to check out the DrawQuest iPad app. Yes, everyday DrawQuest presents you with a different quest that involves sketching something different from scratch. It’s a perfect way to remember to stretch those design sketching muscles every day. It’s free on iTunes.

Histogram Lego Table– With this Lego Histogram Table project, you can savor the smell of red and yellow bricks for days on end. Italian design studio Nucleo created this table with 3,193 bricks and features over 893 step-by-step instructions. And wouldn’t you know it–they even put together an online shopping list for the bricks you need to buy from Lego. Head to for the build plans.

Nature Calls– With this simple waterproof toilet paper container and dispenser, you’ll be worry-free when nature calls during an unexpected downpour. It’s an economical DIY project called Nature Calls and only requires the top half of a two-liter plastic bottle, a freezer bag, tape, and a small piece of twine. Camping will never be the same again.

MakerFaire– So, are ya a reader of MAKE Magazine? YEAH! Well, the next best thing to getting inspired for your next project from the zine is a visit to the Bay Area MakerFaire. Yes MAKE Magazine’s premier event features hundreds of projects, demonstrations, and examples of Makers doing what they do best. Get your tickets for the May 18th and 19th maker celebration starting at $30.00 on

Rockin’ Peeler– The Rockin’ Peeler lets you peel elbow skin or carrots all you want. This rockin’ kitchen tool is a ‘rock fist’ and peeler in one–ensuring a most rockin’ peeling experience. Check it out at for 8 whole dollars.

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What’s on EngineerVsDesigner? Loads of cool interviews and this week we interview Conor MacCormack, CEO of MCor! Listen on iTunes or at

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