Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin: The Best Rolling Pin of 2021
Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin: The Best Rolling Pin of 2021


Weight: 1.23 pounds

Dimensions: 17.13” x 2.72” x 2.72”

Roller Material: Beech Wood

Roller Length: 13.6 inches

Ring Material: Silicone


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  • Rings feel solid and balanced on the counter. Each pair is color-coded for easy identification and marked with height measurements.
  • The roller has a good quality, thanks to its beechwood construction.
  • It is the best rolling pin with adjustable height to achieve the uniform thickness of the dough.
  • It requires low maintenance.

Full Review:

The rolling pin is one of the essential tools you need to efficiently flatten doughs for cookies, pasta, pie, and more. They commonly come with handles and long pins; however, you have more things to consider if you want precision in your work. With this, our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team tested 17 models to look for the best rolling pin to recommend. After rolling pounds of dough and checking for the features of each rolling pin, here is the champ of our roundup: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin.

This rolling pin from Joseph Joseph is far from the traditional ones that come with handles. There is a shallow learning curve when you first use it. Once you’ve mastered it, however, it can be your best baking tool in the kitchen.

rings of Joseph Joseph rolling pin
The Joseph Joseph rolling pin comes with different silicone rings to guide you in achieving the right thickness for your dough.

One of the main highlights of this 2021 best rolling pin is the sets of removable silicone rings secured on both of its sides. They can elevate the pin off the counter, and the varying sizes of each pair allow you to choose the right thickness for your dough. Each pair of rings sports stamps on both sides with the height they add to the pin (inches and millimeters). You can choose from 1/16″, 1/6″, 1/4″, and 3/8″. Just unscrew them by twisting the locks. Once ready, your rolling pin will have a consistent guide regardless of how you move it on the kitchen counter.

using the Joseph Joseph rolling pin
The Joseph Joseph rolling pin is easy to use due to the impressive length and diameter size of its roller.

Rolling the pin is also relatively easy due to the smooth texture of the roller. It boasts a beech wood construction, which offers a substantial heft. The main roller is 13.6″ long, and its diameter is 1.75″, allowing you to prepare huge pizza doughs with just a few rolls of the pin. Our test did a great job at leveling all kinds of dough we prepared for pizza and pasta. Our reviewers also felt satisfied with how uniform it flattened the dough for sugar cookies. We produced four batches of cookies using all the rings included. All cookies in their respective sets came out with distinct uniform thicknesses. It helped us to cook them at the same rate with no underbaked sections nor burnt thin edges.

materials of Joseph Joseph rolling pin
The rings of Joseph Joseph rolling pin are silicone, while the roller is beechwood.

We also love the etched pastry-width measurement guide (inches and centimeters) on the roller surface, though we were initially concerned that it would leave marks on the dough. Thankfully, the surface of the roller has a coat, so all it would do is level your dough completely—no marks at all. Also, the protective layer allows the rolling pin to have extra protection when you hand-wash it since it is just wood.

Joseph Joseph Rolling Pin FAQs:

Is the Joseph Joseph rolling pin dishwasher-safe?

  • No, it is not dishwasher-safe. Its body is wood which means you need to hand-wash it and dry it right away. Also, avoid submerging it in water.

Do the measurement guides on the rolling pin body leave marks on the dough?

  • No, the measurements are etched and coated. They won’t leave marks on the dough surface.

Can you apply oil on the roller?

  • Yes, you can. A thin layer of oil before you use it and after cleaning it up will keep the rolling pin in good condition. It will also help it improve its performance by preventing sticky doughs.

How do you remove the rights from the roller?

  • Just twist the big screws that secure the rings to remove them. Then, select the pair of silicone guides you need and attach them to both ends using the screws.

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