Philips HR2204/70: The Best Soup Maker of 2021
Philips HR2204/70: The Best Soup Maker of 2021


Brand: Philips

Capacity: 1.2 liters

Wattage: 1000 watts

Dimensions: 6” x 8” x 12” 

Dishwasher Safe: No


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  • The interior has minimum and maximum line guides to assist you in putting the right amount of liquid inside. 
  • The package offers a recipe book with 38 recipes and expert tips.
  • There are only a few components to clean.
  • The heating elements can cook even raw meat.
  • It is the best soup maker that offers preset programs with specific heating times and blending.

Full Review:

With just a pot and an immersion blender, you can manually prepare almost any soup you want. Then, there’s Instant Pot which turns everything automatic. If you are a soup lover and enjoy the benefit of all those tools mentioned, you need to find the best soup maker out there. And if you are wondering what model that is, our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team says it’s the Philips HR2204/70.

Philips HR2204/70 soup maker
The Philips HR2204/70 is an all-in-one soup maker that can blend and heat almost all kinds of soups.

What’s excellent about soup is that you can be creative with your kitchen tools; however, nothing can replace an actual soup maker like Philips HR2204/70. It is a fusion of blender and pot that mixes and heats your soup, allowing you to serve it right away.

This 2021 best soup maker displays blades and a heating element. With this, not only can it crush your raw ingredients, but it can also cook anything you throw in it. It allows you to produce a nice soup from scratch. Yet, those things are just a part of its splendid capability to cook soup.

control panel of Philips HR2204/70 soup maker
Philips HR2204/70 has five automated, one-touch preset programs and a blender button.

Philips HR2204/70 soup maker has a separate button for the blending function and five automated, one-touch preset programs: Pureed Soup (heats and blends for 18 minutes), Chunky Soup (heats for 18 minutes), Milk Based Soup (heats and blends for 35 minutes), Compote (heats for 12 minutes), and Cold Soup Smoothie (blends for 3 minutes). You can access its control panel at the top of the lid.

blender function of Philips HR2204/70 soup maker
The Philips HR2204/70 can also double as a blender for all kinds of smoothies.

It is the best soup maker our reviewers have ever tested. Besides the consistent heating of soup without scorching it, the blender is extraordinary. It blended and crushed the fresh and raw ingredients we threw in it, including cuts of carrots and sweet potatoes. Under the Pureed Soup function, it managed to remove the chunks and produce a velvety soup afterward. Even the Cold Soup Smoothie impressed our reviewers in its power to make the consistency of the soup incredibly creamy. 

components of Philips HR2204/70 soup maker
The soup maker has a black stainless body with a removable black lid for easy cleanup.

It has a 1.2-liter capacity which is enough for 2 to 4 servings of soup. Yet, it won’t consume too much space on your counter, unlike other appliances. It only measures 6” x 8” x 12”, making it almost just the same size as your regular kitchen blender. It also has a sleek black stainless steel body, which gives it that modern appliance look. And although the entire unit requires a hand-wash cleaning, it is simple and almost effortless.

Philips Soup Maker FAQs:

What liquid should I put for my soup in the Philips HR2204/70?

  • The cookbook recommends using vegetable stock for juice, but you can still use plain water.

Can I use Philips HR2204/70 as a blender?

  • Definitely! The Philips HR2204/70 has powerful blades that can crush the content perfectly. However, for heavy-duty blending tasks, it is still better to opt for powerful, traditional blenders.

Is Philips HR2204/70 dishwasher-safe?

  • No parts of Philips HR2204/70 are dishwasher-safe. Every component needs to be hand-washed. 

Does the Philips HR2204/70 work with 220 V?

  • No, it does not. The Philips HR2204/70 has a voltage of 120 V.

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