Dash Deluxe: The Best Egg Cooker
Dash Deluxe: The Best Egg Cooker


Capacity: 12 eggs

Power Source: Corded Electric

Wattage: 500 watts

Dimensions: 9” x 8” x 10”


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  • Available in aqua, black, cream, purple, red, white, and yellow.
  • The unit comes with a recipe book.
  • The lid is transparent to allow easy viewing of content.
  • Can cook up to 12 hard and soft-boiled eggs at a time.
  • It has different trays for hard-boiled, poached, and omelet eggs.

Full Review:

Eggs are one of the simplest foods you can have every day, and preparing them shouldn’t be hard. With just a pot of boiling water over a stove, you can have hard-boiled eggs in minutes. However, folks who want things to be faster and more convenient have a better option: the best egg cooker.

Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker
Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

Out of the 16 egg cookers our SolidSmack Household Appliance and Tool Research Team have tested, the Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker from Dash prevailed. Besides its ample capacity, it is the most versatile model that impressed all our reviewers.

accessories of Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker
Dash Deluxe Rapid egg cooker has trays for cooking hard-boiled, omelet, and poached eggs.

Besides preparing hard-boiled eggs, the Dash Deluxe can also produce poached and omelet eggs. The package comes with three different accessories you can use depending on how you cook your eggs. Two boiling trays and two poaching trays can form 2 tiers to give you 12 hard-boiled eggs and seven poached eggs, respectively. It also has one omelet tray for omelets and scrambled eggs. Lastly, you get a labeled measuring cup that will guide you with the right amount of water to put in the machine according to how you will use it.

measuring cup of Dash Deluxe Rapid egg cooker
A measuring cup will guide you in the right amount of water to put in the Dash Deluxe Rapid egg cooker.

As an electric model, Dash Deluxe also offers excellent ease of use. It has a switch that will light up when the unit starts working. Our test only took about 11 minutes to hard-boil eggs completely and 5 minutes to soft-boil them. We also love how uniform and consistent its performance was to all the eggs we tested, as each one came out with the same degree of doneness. It also worked perfectly for poached and scrambled eggs. We also love that the omelet tray managed to hold up to 4 small eggs.

Another point that adds to its convenience is the chime sound that will alert you to turn it off. Cleaning its components is pretty easy since all the non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe.

Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker FAQs:

Does the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker come with an egg piercer?

  • Yes, it does. The egg piercer is at the bottom section of the plastic measuring cup.

Can you take off the top area if you are cooking a few eggs?

  • Yes, you can take it off if you don’t want to use the total capacity of the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker.

Do you have to pierce the eggs before placing them in the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker?

  • For hard and soft-boiled eggs, this step is necessary. Pierce them before boiling to prevent cracking and make the peeling process more manageable.

How do you clean the hot plate of the base?

  • For the mineral deposits forming in the hot plate of Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker, pour some vinegar and let it sit for 5 minutes. After that, wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

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