Twitter = accessibility. It has opened up clogged lines of communication and expanded personal and community networks around the world and it just keeps getting bigger, I tell ya.

When some of us were on months ago, there’s wasn’t much buzz on the 3D CAD side of things. That has changed big time in the last couple months and there’s suddenly a growing base of users and CAD companies represented.

I’ve gathered them together for ya. This is everyone I know of on Twitter involved with SolidWorks and 3D CAD. If you have more or need a correction, let me know and we’ll keep the list updated.

This list started with only 40 people in July 2008. Now, there are literally hundreds of SolidWorks and 3D CAD users on Twitter. So, as of April 20th, 2009 this list is being handled directly through Twitter! This makes it much easier for you to follow all the CAD people that have joined! Visit @CADTwitList on Twitter to see all the friends below and more that have joined. See ya on Twitter!!

Don’t understand Twitter?
Ask about anything Twitter in the comments. Basically, it’s a way to network and join in conversations with different people/niches around the world. Some would say its a waste of time (Hi Richard 🙂 ). You gotta manage your time true, but there’s three areas Twitter is phenomenal for:

  • extending reach of communities
  • providing a face for companies
  • networking with others in your industry

I feel like all the people I talk to on a regular basis via Twitter are friends. Before, they were people I knew of or talked to occasionally. More than anything, it’s where I’ve met A LOT of people I would have never talked with. Amazing really.

So here we go, join in the fun at, follow these people and introduce yourself!

SolidWorks People on Twitter
@Arnicas – Lynn Cherny is a User Interaction consultant at SolidWorks
@BTaylor20009 – Bill Taylor, SolidWorks Community Marketing Manager
@BostonDave – SolidWorks web marketing consultant
@CDonzal – Clement Donzal is Marketing Specialist at SolidWorks Asia-Pacific
@JeffRay – Jeff Ray is the CEO of DS SolidWorks Corp.
@JHirschtick – Jon Hirschtick is the founder and former CEO of SolidWorks
@JoyGaron – Joy Garon is a Product Manager at SolidWorks
@LauraKozikowski – Laura Kozikowski is Strategic Brand Manager
@Lonestrider – Rick Chin is Dir. of Marketing & Product Innovation at SolidWorks
@PatCook – Patrick Cook, SolidWorks Sr. Internet Marketing Specialist
@MatthewWest – Matthew West, the SolidWorks Social Media Manager
@MikePuckett – Mike Puckett is Certification Specilist, blogs at
@Nbuchino – Nancy Buchino is SolidWorks Public Relations Specialist
@ShamusWilkie – Jim Wilkinson is Director of User Experience
@Solidworks – The SolidWorks presence on Twitter
@SolidworksWorld – The official Solidworks World Twitter Page
@Sooz – SolidWorks web marketing consultant
@TomSpine – Senior Manager of User Experience Design at SolidWorks

SolidWorks Bloggers on Twitter
@Avephoenix – Gabi Jack from GabiJack’s Blog
@Behnt – Ben Eadie from
@BrianSlick – Brian Slick from Clinging to Ideas
@CharlesCulp – Charles Culp from
@DevonSowell – Devon Sowell from Devon’s Blog
@FCSuper – Matt Lorono is a blogger from the SolidWorks Legion
@Gol10dr Lou Gallo from
@JeffMirisola – Jeff Mirisola from Jeff’s Blog
@JRaak – Jason Raak from
@Lars_Denmark – Lars is a moldmaker and writes at
@LynnetteJS – Lynnette Sabatka blogs at Lynette’s Blog
@SoliDan – Dan Bertschi is a blogger at SoliDan
@Matt_Lombard Matt Lombard from MattWrites/
@Richard_Hall – Richard Hall form
@RickyJordan – Ricky Jordan from
@RobRodriguez – Rob Rodriguez from
@Skrythe – Brian McElyea from
@Solidmuse – Anna Wood from
@SolidSmack – Josh Mings (yours truly) from
@SolidWorker_com – Tim Thieler from
@SolidWorksGeeks – Geek out. Connect…Share…Learn at
@SwGeek – Alex Ruiz from

SolidWorks CSWP’s on Twitter
@CSerran – Chris Serran is a CSWP from Calgary, Alberta
@GadgetGav – Gavin McKeown is a CSWP from Boston, MA
@ksmason71 – a CSWP SolidWorks user from PA
@Legagnon – Luc-Etienne Gagnon is an Industrial designer from MontrĂ©al
@tyler524 – Tyler is a CSWP and Mech Engineering student in Ohio

SolidWorks Users on Twitter
@aaronstl – Aaron Allison is a user from St. Louis, MO
@adamiser – Adam Scheible is an Engineer/Designer from Portland, OR
@BradDennis – Brad Dennis is a Mechanical Designer from Reading, PA
@BrandonLeedy – Brandon Leedy is an Industrial Design user from Ohio
@Cantrett – Tony Cantrell is a SolidWorks user from Swansea, SC
@ChrisPete – SolidWorks user
@DanO518 – Dan is a Solidworks user designing consumer products
@dbayer – Daniel Bayer is a Engineer from Maine
@FloatRapala – Mike Vis is a SolidWorks user from Hudsonville, MI
@GSWalker – Gregory Walker is a SolidWorks User from Atlanta
idesignhaus – Jeff Mowry is an Industrial Designer from Westcliffe, CO
@Im_wasted – an obscure fellow(?) from San Francisco, CA
@JABirner – JaBirrner is a user from Tulsa, OK, Joplin area
@JamieCarlin – Jamie Carlin is an Industrial Designer from Austin, TX
@JBeilman – John Beilman is a Mechanical Designer from Rochester, NY
@Jeff_Bare – Jeff Bare is an Industrial Designer from Baltimore, MD
@JSand – Sketchup user gone SolidWorks from Atlanta, GA
@jru_1962 – Rod Uding is a lead designer for Barry-Wehmiller from Clayton, MO
@KelvinLamport – Kelvin Lamport is a HUGE SolidWorks mentor out of Ontario, Canada
@KyleAKoch – Kyle Koch is an industrial designer from Cincinnati, OH
@Listrophy – Bradley Grzesiak is an Engineer from Madison, WI
@Marijn1 – Marijn van den Heuvel is a Industrial Designer from the Netherlands
@Mingsish – Eric Mings is a SolidWorks user from Tulsa, OK
@ml13ml – Micheal Lord is a Motorhome designer from Sydney
@MuggsFurg – is my favorite independent SolidWorks consultant from Southampton, PA
@NathonRose – Erick is a SolidWorks user from Colorado Springs, CO
@MarcNelson – Marc Nelson is a SolidWorks teacher from Grand Rapids, MI
@MShawnHilliard – Shawn Hilliard is a SolidWorks user
@Noych – Aaron is an Engineer from Tennessee
@Ocell – Chris Owens is an Industrial Designer in Raleigh, NC
@Pantrybear – Matt is a Mechanical Engineer in Wisconsin
@PDCDesign – Paul Chapman is a designer from Cardiff, Wales
@Quinner30 – Jason Quinn is a user from Wisconsin
@RHemingway – Hemingway is a Mechanical Engineer from St. Louis, MO
@Sasq – Byron is a user from Salt Lake City, UT
@Schmalls – Josh Thompson is a user/programmer from Tulsa, OK
@SeanObrien – Sean O’Brien is an industrial designer from Corvallis, OR
@Shawnzyoo – An Engineer from Portland, OR
@Skifter22 – Jason McCrory is a user from Virginia Beach, VA
@Splatnik – PJ Smith from Austin, TX
Spyder1121 – Josh DeArmond is a user from Western Kentucky
@Tomsiemaszko – Tom is a user from Holden, MA
@Thx__1138 – A SolidWorks user ‘lurker’ from the East
@Ttturner68 – Todd Turner is a SolidWorks user.

SolidWorks User Groups and leaders on Twitter
@Edsonius – Ed Gebo is Chairman of ConnSwug from Southbridge, MA
@HallGa – Gary Hall is the North Alabama SolidWorks User Group leader
@RandyLennox – Randy Lennox is SolidWorks User Group leader for CMNC-SWUG & BASWUG
@Rob_Jensen – Rob Jensen is a SolidWorks User group leader from Minnesota
@Swugn – The official SolidWorks User Group Network (SWUGN)
@Tulsug – The official Tulsa SolidWorks User Group (TULSUG)
@WhyNotDesign3D – Rod Hall is a group leader from Catawba Valley, NC

Products designed with SolidWorks on Twitter
@Twilightproduct – Twilight Product (Chris Rogers) creators of Inspectorbots
@UltSurvivalTech – Ultimate Survival makers of high quality, advanced survival gear

SolidWorks Value Added Resellers (VARs) on Twitter
@3DCad – Solid Technologies is a SolidWorks/ZCorp Reseller from Blue Bell, PA
@FisherUnitech – Midwest SolidWorks Reseller
@Alex_be – Marketing Assistant at Fisher/Unitech
@Camrewop – Jim Bergantzel is with Tridaq, Inc
@RHalexype – Rich hale is a Applications Engineer with Xype in Bristol
@Javelintech – A reseller from Oakville, Ontario
@JeffSweeney – Jeff Sweeney is a Engineering Data Specialist with 3DVision Technologies
@SolidWorks_NL – SolidWorks reseller in Benulux
@TomxWelch – Tom Welch is Account Manager for Next Level Engineering in Seattle
@Vangiesen – Vangiesen is the Marketing Manager with Fisher/Unitech in Troy, MI

SolidWorks Partner Products on Twitter
@learnsolidworks – Inspirtech (Al Whatmough) from California
@DrewSherlock – Andrew Sherlock is the guy behind PartBrowser from ShapeSpace
@ian_driveworks Ian works/blogs with DriveWorks out of Manchester, UK
@mariadriveworks – Maria is VP of Marketing and Co-founder of DriveWorks
@philipstears – Philip Stears is the Lead developer at DriveWorks
@RhuWhite – Rhu White is ShapeSpace that makes PartBrowser
@Vuuch – Chris Williams’ (for Seemage CEO) new Social CAD project

Dassault Family on Twitter
@3DPerspectives – the official Dassault Systèmes corporate blog on Twitter
@3DVia – 3DVia presence on Twitter
@bitfaker – Hao Chen is a web 2.0/developer and Consultant at 3DVIA
@dswavely – Online Community Manager for 3DVia
@katebo – Kate Bourdet is the Dassault Systèmes corporate blogger
@mgbaron – Matt Baron is with 3DVia

Publishers on Twitter
@AlistarDean – Al Dean is the Editor at Devlop3D
@BenchTweet – David Quinn is editor of NAFEMS benchmark magazine.
@CarlAlviani – Carl Alviani is an Industrial Designer and Guest Editor at Core77
@EPPM_Magazine – Magazine for the European Plastics industry from Chester, UK
@FrancoFolini – Franco Folini is president and cofounder of NoveEdge
@JRowe_313 – MCADCafe, CAD industry cool guy from Colorado/Michagan
@LeslieGordon – Leslie Gordon is the Senior Editor at Machine Design from Cleveland
@MartynDay – Martyn Day is the Consulting Editor of Develop3D
@MMatheson – Marshall Matheson is VP New Media for the Design World network
@RandallNewton – Randall Newton is Editor-in-Chief and Co-Owner at AshBridge Media
@RTara – Roopinder Tara is the Editor/publisher for CAD, CAM, CAE online media
@SMMcCafferty – Scott McCafferty is Co-founder, Managing Director of the Design World network
@TheTCTMagazine – Software and Tech For Product Development And Manufacturing

SiemensPLM on Twitter
@aakelly – Chris Kelly is THE Siemens PLM Software evangelist
@burhop – 3D Software developer for Siemens PLM
@dorasmith – Dora Smith is the PR director Siemens PLM
@jsarfati – Jerry Sarfati is NX Portfolio Marketing Manager with Siemens
@susancinadr – Susan Cinadr is the Marketing Manager for Siemens PLM
@siemensplm – Siemens PLM presence on Twitter
@stavanja – Siemens NX and Teamcenter support specialist
@Richard9999 – Richard Bush is Director, Marketing at Siemens PLM Software

SpaceClaim on Twitter
@BCourter – Blake Courter is Co-founder at SpaceClaim
@Jeff_Waters – Jeff Waters is a SpaceClaim sales dude from RI
@JimboRocks – James Saunders is Quality Assurance Engineer at SpaceClaim
@Spaceclaim – The Spaceclaim presence on Twitter

Bentley Systems (Microstations) on Twitter
@BentleySystems – Makers of Microstations and ProjectWise

PTC (Pro/E) on Twitter
@Bobhebeisen – SMB marketing at PTC
@Did_you_know – PTC (Pro/E) tips and tricks from users on Twitter
LChristensen22 – Lindsey Christensen is Marketing Communication Specialist at PTC

Rhino on Twitter
@BobMcneel – founder of Robert McNeel & Associates (Rhino, Penguin, etc.)

Other CAD-related Blogs on Twitter
@CSven – C. Sven Johnson talks product design and the future at Rebang
@DeelipMenezes – Deelip is the Founder & CEO of SYCODE, Co-Founder & CTO of Print3D
@DerrekCooper – Derrek Cooper is a Mech. Engr and blogs from Philadelphia, PA
@JosephFlaherty – Joseph runs the Replicator blog from Boston, MA.
@Jim_Techclarity – Jim Brown is a Research analyst covering PLM from Philly
@JTBWorld – Jimmy Bergmark from
@MelaniePerry – Melanie Perry is a freelance writer and blogger of Mistress of the Dorkness
@MrCadman – Shaan Hurley writes about Autodesk on Between the Lines Blog
@Rebang – Sven Johnson on the convergence of the tangible and the intangible at Rebang
@RobinCapper – Robin Capper from RobinZ CAD Blog in New Zealand
@SteveJohnsonCAD Steve Johnson is the brains behind Blog Nauseam
@TheCADGeek – Donnie Gladfelter from in Richmond, VA

Other CAD folks on Twitter
@3DCreationLab – 3D Creation Lab is a 3D Printing service in the UK
@allanbehrens – Allan Behrens is Director at Cambashi
@BradHoltz – Brad Holtz is Cyon Research CEO and COFES host
@BradPebbler – Brad Peebler is the President of Luxology (Modo & PV360)
@Cristofano – John Christofano is that cool PR dude at Adobe.
@Cyon_Jaime – Jaime Devlin is Chief Getter Doner at Cyon Research for COFES
@DesignTalksDesign Talks online community for the design and manf. industry
@DesignTweets – Gordon Vaughan tweets about design fields, UI, and human factors
@EngTipsNethawk – Eng-Tips Engineering resources and forum
@JulieMorgan – Julie Morgan is Account Executive and aficionado of GPU Computing at Liaison Public Relations
@Kleinjinx – Andrea Talavera does rockin’ CGI at in DĂĽsseldorf
@NAFEMS – NAFEMS is a non-profit, international, engineering analysis community.
@MSerderberg – Matthew Sederberg is CEO of T-Splines, organic modeling plugin for Rhino 3D
@NextEngineNextEngine is the #1 Selling 3D Scanner in the World! from Santa Monica
@philiplunn – Phillip Lunn is the CEO of Bunkspeed (Hypershot)
@RichWhite – Rich White is a Virtual World Architect for Edusim from Kansas
@Shapeways – Shapeways 3D rapid-prototyping on Twitter
@SocMfgEng – Society of Manufacturing Engineers ( from Dearborn, MI
@The3DStudioCom – President of, Inc.
@ThomasTeger – Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Bunkspeed
@Transoft – Transoft is simulation software for engineering and architectural communities
@VCollab – VCollab is a 3D CAE Viewer for collaborating with 3D Scientific Data
@VectorWorks – VectorWorks is a design product for AEC and Machine design professionals

That’s 183 thus far! Are you on Twitter? Hit the comments!

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Josh is founder and editor at, founder at Aimsift Inc., and co-founder of EvD Media. He is involved in engineering, design, visualization, the technology making it happen, and the content developed around it. He is a SolidWorks Certified Professional and excels at falling awkwardly.