I know you all get excited when you have the chance to read about CAD news and the excitement happening around our tiny globe. This week has been chock full of interesting tid-bits of info.

There’s so much in fact, that I didn’t even get a chance to tell you about them earlier, so I’ve compiled a special post you can bookmark and comeback to this weekend to find out what’s been going on.
Here’s the rundown.

SolidWorks Community Survey
Become one with the SolidWorks community by giving your opinion about what you want to see. It’s for the betterment of all mankind. You can’t go wrong with this. If you complete it, you may get some very privy information. oooo.

Jeff Ray speaks to India
Actually, it with a Indian newspaper. The Times of India speaks with the SolidWorks CEO about CAD, complexity and the Indian market. Is it a bit of the same old stuff you hear or can you find some stuff in there that really makes sense about the direction SolidWorks is moving?

Future of 3d Interaction
Al Dean takes a look at how we’ll be developing models in the future, throws out some interesting thought and shows how some of the CAD companies are changing/developing new ways of interacting with 3D data. Check it out. Would you want to dump your keyboard/mouse combo in lieu of something else?

ShapeWays Contest
If you remember the post I did on ShapeWays, you may be interested to hear that they are hosting a contest. You have till August 7, 2008 to upload your 3D model to the rapid-prototyping. Go here. http://www.shapeways.com/beta with BETA code: ContestSiggraph and follow the rules. You could win $500!

Free Ponoko Premium membership
At Ponoko you can make all sorts of things with their lasercut design process. You have till saturday night at midnight (EST). This special offer is to help you get started and give you all the info you need to have the most fun at Ponoko. You’ll get unlimited prototypes and all the help you need. Go for it if you haven’t!

SolidWorks World 2009 calendars
SolidWorks World 2009 is just around the wintery corner and some mighty nice calendars are being made available to hang in your boss’ office so he’s constantly reminded to send you. How thoughtful is that. These are pretty slick and you can see the flyer here. Put it on your desktop!

IBM is selling 3DVia Composer and V6
Those people at Dassault Systemes have been busy and now IBM will be selling the V6 line as it’s premier product lifecycle management (PLM) product. The article discusses PLM, Social Media and Virtual World, Second Life, among other things. Interesting how all of these terms are being consolidated in the CAD/PLM world, don’t ya think?

Boeing using Siemens TeamCenter
Chris Kelly with the Siemens PLM team has an talk with Tim Nichols, managing director of aerospace global marketing, to find out the direction Boeing is taking for handling data and switching to new technology. Quite interesting Chris!


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