I’ve been holding my breath in a muscle tensing fright for the past day, looking at the images below and imagining being curdled cradled by a skinless baby robot with the head the size of a large bear.

Seriously, if this thing crawled up to me, you would hear the highest pitch scream of your life come out of me as that enormous head gets booted at you. All arm flailing and creeping out aside, I hope whatever they are learning will allow them to construct a more customizable sizes of baby bot. I’m working on finding out more design details.

In the meantime, creep. yourself. out. oh, and I’d love to hear your captions for these.

“Hold me, I’m cold and lonely and have no skin”

The image above shows Dr. Javier Movellan of Machine Perception Laboratory with their creation named “Diego-San,” Japanese for Mr. Diego, which in no way makes it any less creepy. Really, what were they thinking.

If you speak Japanese there’s more on Kokoro News (PDF)

BotJunkie via Pink Tentacle Thanks Marijn!


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