As a self-employed person, the boundaries between business and self are pretty blurry. Josh and I have often been advised to make EvD Media more about “us,” and to leverage our “personal brand” to make it great.

While the ultimate substance of the advice isn’t bad, the nomenclature is, well, dehumanizing. EvD Media is indeed the product of Josh, me, and a helluva lot of Simon. But it’s not our “personal brands” at work, it’s people at work.

On the topic, read a great little piece about it this morning. The comic at the end is priceless.


Adam O'Hern is an industrial designer, designing products ranging from laptops to power tools, classroom toys to bathroom fixtures, and pro audio gear to guitar tuners. In 2008 he founded, and in 2010 co-founded EvD Media with Josh Mings of, and the two collaborate on the podcast.