Remember how Ross (FRIENDS) was unsuccessful at keeping off the sandwich thief from stealing his lunch at work? Wish he had this modded Nerf Sentry Gun to keep the crook at bay. Oh well, don’t be Ross – Part Two, because we have for you the exact details on how to mod the Nerf Gun and make it a sensor detector enabled one.


The modified gun is made from replacing the trigger system with a servomotor and home security sensor along with an extended clip. Set the gun on a tripod and you are ready to go! The steps to the process can be found here, but here is quick recap on what you need: Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe gun (with clip), Servomotor with an X-shaped arm, Passive infrared (PIR) sensor (with 9V battery), Single pole single throw (SPST) reed relay, 22-gauge hook-up wire, a tripod and ¼-inch nut and washer.






It takes about 4 hours of due diligence to complete this project and it will set you back by $65 approx. For those of you who didn’t know, Parker Brothers first created Nerf Guns until Hasbro took over. The iconic foam darts are a source of fascination with hardcore hackers and has then vie for creating a mod that shoots the fastest darts.

As an added bonus, we have here found this really funny video that showcases the Nerf-dart-speed craze.

YouTube video

This video walks you through an easy mod, while this link takes you to the 90 Best Nerf Gun Mods.

YouTube video