Fresh water is in short supply these days…just look at the statistics for California and you will have a pretty good idea of how scarce it really is.

Technically speaking, only 3% of the world’s water is fresh, which isn’t saying much considering it still needs to be filtered or treated before it can be consumed or flushed down the toilet (seriously). Most fresh water found over the globe is polluted and in some third-world countries, even the rainfall is contaminated and undrinkable thanks to surrounding industries and other sources that have little to no regulation regarding pollution.

Most of the time that water is boiled to get rid of the nasty contaminants floating around in it, however the process is slow and only so much water can be boiled at any given time (pots are small). Sure, there are all kinds of devices on the market that can filter water, such as gravity/hand-pump filters, iodine tablets and even bleach but those are limited in how much can be purified as well.

Budapest-based concrete artists IVANKA have taken water purification to the next level in terms of architecturally as well as quantity with their Water of Life project RainHouse:


Designed and built as a massive house-sized filtering device, the RainHouse collects rainwater and filters it through a complex system made from bio-concrete that is PH-neutral and biocompatible with water—in other words it won’t leach lime into the water.

Rain falls onto the roof, which is lined with bio-concrete tiles, and passes through the filtration system into a bio-concrete lined storage tank awaiting consumption. IVANKA’s RainHouse has undergone 6 months of testing and looks good-to-go for deployment at Hungary’s Balaton Uplands National Park where it will be ideally suited for its environment (meaning it doesn’t work well in the desert). Combine this with 3D printing techniques…and perhaps in the near future we’ll be able to print out life-sustaining houses.

On a related note… I spoke to a lunatic about filtering water. He has several rain barrels outside his home. He said that he bathes in it, drinks it, uses it for everything. He boasts, “You’ll be the cleanest you’ve ever been,” and “It tastes better than any bottles anything.” Perhaps he is right? After finishing his thought, he downed a flask of home made whiskey.

So, maybe not.

Via DrinkRain


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