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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:


The New Cooper Hewiit Experience – While they aren’t slated to re-open until December of this year, the iconic Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York has already announced some pretty nifty features that visitors can expect to get their design thinking ‘on.’ ‘The Pen’ is an interactive digital stylus that encourages users to create their own designs as well as recreate existing designs in the museum. Each pen will be connected to a unique user ID that will let a visitor access their sketches anytime after their visit. Pretty nifty… check out more at

Harley-Davidson Project Livewire – Harley Davidson has joined the electronic motorcycle movement with the all-new Project Livewire concept bike. Similar to other electric motorcycles, the bike can accelerate to top speeds within seconds and even features its own unique sound to recreate the experience of riding on a traditional Harley. The bike will be on tour with 30 dealership stops around the United States. Head over to for more info.


Mind Pong – What could be better than a simple game of Pong? A simple game of Pong…controlled by MY MIND! Yes Smoth! Mind Pong from advertising firm M&C Saatchi for The Brain Tumor Charity has created a mind-controlled Pong game that is the ultimate in apps. Users strap on a hands-free headset and control their Pong paddles with their brain. Trippy man! Sadly, it’s only available in London so if you’re in London, go check it out at Westfield London Shopping Center.

Google Cardboard – Google had their much-anticipated I/O Conference last week and one of the more hyped-about announcements was their low-cost virtual reality system. When paired with a cheap and downloadable cardboard headset, the Cardboard App allows an Android user to convert their smartphone into a virtual reality headset on the cheap! Who knows what developers will be able to come up with in the coming months but for now, snag it at


Moleskine-Like Sketchbook – Sketchbooks….you can never have too many of them lying around. Yep—while Moleskines tend to be the go-to for a lot of designers and engineers, the price tag adds up for people who fill their pages weekly. Fortunately, YouTube user Sea Lemon has a tutorial for creating your own MoleSkine-like sketchbook with basic bookbinding techniques. If you have a spare Saturday, why not build yourself a years’ worth of sketchbooks? Check out more on YouTube.

Concrete Pendant Lamps – If sprucing up your lighting situation is somewhere on your To-Do list, be sure to check out this DIY Concrete Pendant Lamp from the YouTube channel HouseMadeModern. Using just a simple old plastic bottle and a small pail of concrete, you can easily replicate concrete pendant lamp designs that are sold for hundreds of dollars more. Check out more at


Caseboards – Caseboards are the new skateboard project on Kickstarter. BIlled as ‘The World’s Most Advanced Electric Skateboard’, the Caseboard is a foldable / portable skateboard design that can even travel uphill with 500 whopping watts of power. Hey, if Tony Hawk can give you a good quote for your Kickstarter project, it must be good? Check out more on Kickstarter.

The Writing’s On The Wall – And finally, those creative lads that go by the name OK GO have released yet another music video that stands in a league of its own. So far we’ve seen elaborate obstacle courses and Rube Goldberg machines from the alt rock group, but this time they’ve injected their creative spirit into an optical illusion rollercoaster for their new song “The Writing’s On the Wall”. Check it out over on YouTube.

And there you have it!

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