An interesting technique used by some Ultimaker users could put a better finish on your 3D printed parts. It’s called “Neosanding” and is a way for flat surface layers to be “polished”, so to speak. The technique has been developed by Ultimaker forum moderator Neotko from Spain, who has recently posted a version 2 method…

Ultimaker just launched a new Ultimaker 3 app to complement their new Ultimaker 3 desktop 3D printer, and it includes the ability to do remote 3D printing. Remote 3D printing has been a function available by third party accessory for some years now. Typically these standalone boxes would attach to the “dumb” 3D printer’s USB…

When’s the last time you went barreling down a hill on a skateboard the size of a small sea bass? Never? Well, there’s always a first time and while you’re at it, why not get extra crazy and have your questionable friends dare you to go down that hill on a 3D printed skateboards?

Designers of all strips and colours are producing a lot of interesting plastic-extruded work lately, especially where sound and 3D printing intersect. Here are a few things that have popped up recently worth a mention and a listen.